Workers’ Compensation Case Process in Columbia

When you sustain an injury on the job, obtaining financial recovery through your employer’s workers’ compensation policy should be straightforward. While this is sometimes true, the workers’ compensation case process in Columbia can often become complicated and may require a skilled lawyer’s help.

A knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney could guide you through every step of the application process, from collecting the required documentation to filing the correct forms to pursue the maximum compensation available. When your situation necessitates a third-party claim against another individual or entity whose negligence caused your injury, we could also provide vital assistance.

When to Hire a Columbia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workplace injuries can come in many forms, from relatively mild to life-changing. Broken bones, crushing injuries, lacerations, amputations, burns, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal injuries are some of the most common worker injuries reported in Columbia that may support a workers’ compensation case. Such injuries may require you to take time off work, resulting in lost income. Additionally, expensive medical bills and costly treatment could place a heavy financial burden on you and your family.

Workers’ compensation benefits offer you payments for medical-related costs, such as emergency room expenses as well as the cost of ongoing treatment. Moreover, workers’ compensation can also cover lost wages resulting from injuries suffered on the job, disability benefits, and even death benefits. Obtaining these benefits is not about proving that your employer was at fault. However, this no-fault system can make it difficult, if not impossible, to pursue a personal injury claim outside of the workers’ compensation claim, even when your employer’s negligence played a role in your injury.

There are several caveats to workers’ compensation claims. While these instances are rarer, you may be able to pursue a separate personal injury claim if third-party negligence is involved. Although a work injury should automatically justify a workers’ compensation award, it is not uncommon for employers to deny these claims. An experienced attorney could protect your rights through all phases of the workers’ compensation process and work to alleviate the burden of demanding fair compensation alone.

The Typical Timeline for a Columbia Workers’ Compensation Case

Understanding that every worker’s compensation case is different is essential. While some of these matters can be resolved in weeks, others can drag on for months or even longer than a year.

After sustaining physical harm performing your job duties, you have a limited period to alert your employer of your injury, which is 30 days from the incident. Additionally, you must initiate an official workers’ compensation claim within 24 months of the injury. Still, it is best to alert your employer of your injury as soon as possible and obtain medical treatment swiftly from an approved doctor.

The paperwork required to initiate a workers’ compensation claim can quickly become overwhelming depending on the nature and extent of your injuries and your employer’s cooperation. While some workers’ compensation cases may conclude relatively briefly, others may go to court or even require an appeal if your employer denies your claim. A hardworking lawyer could provide tailored strategies and legal assistance throughout your workers’ compensation case by filing the appropriate documents and collecting evidence to present before the court.

Find Out More About the Workers’ Compensation Case Process From an Attorney in Columbia

When navigating the workers’ compensation case process in Columbia, know that you do not have to face these proceedings on your own. Instead, an attorney could provide the insight and advocacy you require while fighting for your rights.

After reporting your injury to your employer and seeking the medical care you need, contact a lawyer. Call now to arrange a legal consultation with a Columbia attorney.

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