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It is no secret that factory workers and those with industrial jobs face daily hazardous conditions. Working in a factory requires employees to operate heavy machinery, and with inadequate training or safety failures, a catastrophic incident can happen in seconds. When you suffer injuries on the job, a Columbia factory workers’ injury lawyer can help you file for workers’ compensation benefits or pursue a civil lawsuit against a third party.

Working in a factory exposes you to hazards such as falls, electrocutions, machinery-related hazards, and chemicals. At the Law Offices of Chris Miller, our dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys handle benefits claims and third-party lawsuits for injured factory workers. We understand how the system works and will fight to get you the best results. Contact a Columbia factory workers injury lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options after suffering an injury on the job.

The Hazards of Working on a Factory Floor in Columbia

Risks and hazards are ever-present in the manufacturing and production industry. While injuries can occur in a facility at any time, certain incidents are more likely to result in an accident, such as improper lifting techniques or the mishandling of hazardous materials. Sometimes, factory accidents happen because of unsafe working conditions or negligence, including:

  • A lack of training
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Sound pollution causing ear damage
  • Faulty equipment or machinery
  • Power failures
  • Fire or chemical explosions
  • Fatigue, stress, or overexertion

Factory injuries are preventable with proper safety protocol and training. When you suffer an injury while working in an industrial setting, contact a knowledgeable attorney in Columbia for a case evaluation.

Protecting Injured Factory Workers

Factory workers’ injuries can be minor or involve catastrophic and possibly fatal injuries. When someone gets hurt while working in a factory setting, they can pursue financial compensation through a workers’ compensation claim or third-party lawsuit. The type of claim will depend on the cause of the factory accident, but an attorney could work with you to determine your legal options.

Most injuries from factory accidents qualify as on-the-job injuries; thus, employees can collect workers’ compensation benefits from their employer. These benefits include reimbursement for medical bills and lost income, as well as pain and suffering or emotional trauma.

Third-Party Lawsuits for Factory Workers

When workers’ compensation benefits cannot fully compensate you for your injury, you can file a third-party lawsuit. Whether you have a viable civil claim depends on the circumstances of your case, including the nature of your injuries and the cause of the accident.

Personal injury lawsuits for industrial accidents fall into two main categories: product liability and employer negligence. A skilled lawyer in Columbia can help you decide if a lawsuit is right for you. An injury suit may be advisable when your injury results from a defective product or employer negligence.

Consult a Columbia Factory Workers Injury Lawyer

When you are injured in a factory accident, contact a Columbia factory workers injury lawyer. We understand the relevant procedures for workers’ compensation claims and third-party lawsuits and can advise you of your legal options.

Whether you pursue a workers’ compensation claim or file a civil suit, our legal team members can help. We will support your claim, determine the cause of the incident, and advocate for adequate compensation from the negligent parties.

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