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It can be a hard pill to swallow at times, but many people put themselves in harm’s way every single day just by walking into work. Anyone can get injured on the job, regardless of their position or industry. Oftentimes, the injuries that people face after workplace accidents can affect them for the rest of their lives, but legal help is available from a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney.

For many workers, their workplace injuries give them trouble doing the most important bodily function: breathing. Over 15.7 million United States citizens suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD. A diagnosis like COPD can feel life-ending, between the effort needed to recover and the inevitable medical expenses in your future. If you have been injured due to your work, however, you could have your medical expenses covered by your employer through a workers’ compensation claim. To get started, you’ll need to speak with a Columbia COPD lawyer as soon as possible.

What is COPD?

Technically, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is comprised of two different diseases. The first disease, emphysema, is causes when there is damage to the tissue surrounding your air sacs in your lungs. This can make breathing difficult, as the air sacs lose some of the elasticity and mobility. The other, chronic bronchitis, happens when your airways are repeatedly inflamed or infection. The combination of these two diseases create various symptoms, but almost every COPD patient suffers from a cough, difficulty breathing, wheezing, and excessive amount of phlegm or mucus. If you’ve noticed that you’ve been experiencing these symptoms lately, you should talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

How Does COPD Happen?

Unlike a broken bone or a cut, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease does arise after one accident. It occurs after repeatedly being exposed to harsh chemical or environmental pollutants. Typically, professions that expose you to these pollutants will provide you with personal protective equipment, or PPE, to help mitigate the damages. Still, that doesn’t stop it from developing in Columbia workers every single day.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with COPD, you need to act fast. You only have a 30-day time window to report your occupational disease to your employer. You cannot file a workers’ compensation claim until it has been reported. After that, you’ll want to get in contact with a COPD attorney in Columbia immediately.

How A COPD Lawyer Can Aid in Your Claim

Virtually all employers in the state of Missouri are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for inevitabilities like this. Still, your employer’s insurance company may not have your best interests at heart. They might want to settle your case as early as possible, and leave you left with some of your expenses of pay out of your own pocket. With the assistance of a diligent COPD lawyer in Columbia, you have an experienced advocate on your side. Your lawyer can handle the entire process and make sure you receive the benefits you need to help you live your best life.

Call a Columbia Attorney When You Are Diagnosed With COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the sixth overall leading cause of death in the United States. It can be scary and isolating to face a disease like this, but you don’t have to do it alone. At the Law Office of Chris Miller, we’ve helped workers with all kinds of work comp cases, and made sure that they received the benefits they need. Give the office a call and see how a Columbia COPD lawyer can help you too!

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