Meeting with Insurance Companies During a Columbia Workers’ Compensation Claim

Let’s face it, if you are injured on the job in Columbia, the insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. While they have legal and ethical obligations to consider in your claim, their job is to maximize the insurance company’s bottom-line and put profits ahead of injured workers.

If you are curious about whether your employer has workers’ compensation insurance or who your employer’s workers compensation insurer is, the Missouri Division of Workers Compensation makes that information available to the public on their website. However, you should consider seeking help from a qualified attorney before meeting with insurance companies during a Columbia workers’ compensation claim.

Giving a Statement to Insurance Adjusters in Columbia

Soon after your work injury, an insurance adjuster may be in contact with you to discuss your claim and obtain a statement. This is a very critical moment in the claim. In order for you to continue obtaining medical treatment and/or temporary total disability benefits, you may need to provide this statement. The insurance adjuster may seem friendly. However, that friendliness might induce you to make a statement that hurts your claim. Before talking with the insurance adjuster, you should contact an attorney to discuss your workers’ comp claim.

Evidence the Insurer May Use Against You

Insurance companies will go to great lengths to collect evidence against your workers’ compensation claim. Many insurance companies have been known to hire private investigators to follow you around and even record your activities. Social media has only made things worse. Even if you have restricted access to your accounts, insurance companies may get access to your social media activity, and they have been known to use that information as evidence that you are not injured. Videos, pictures, or statements may be taken out of context to make you look as though you are not as injured as you are claiming. A skilled lawyer can anticipate these tactics and help you collect enough evidence to support your claim.

Negotiating a Settlement

If you are injured on the job in Columbia, you may be placed on what is known as the conference docket. At that time, you will likely meet with an attorney from the insurance company who will try to settle a claim for much lower than it is worth. They will likely be friendly and attempt to tell you that the insurance company is making a good offer for your claim.

Remember, it is their job to put the company’s bottom-line ahead of your best interests. You do not have to accept any offer the insurance company has provided you and you can assert your rights to speak with an attorney before accepting any workers’ comp settlement.

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