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Have you ever heard a ringing in your ears? Or had congestion and felt that your ears were full of cotton? Imagine experiencing that, now, for every waking moment of your life with no reprieve. It would be difficult at the least, and actively debilitating at worst.

Unfortunately, hearing loss is one of the most common forms of workplace illness and injury. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 22 million employees were exposed to a dangerous amount of noise that could cause hearing loss, and an additional 30 million people were susceptible to hearing loss due to chemical exposure. Losing you hearing due to unsafe working conditions can feel scary, especially when it comes to the treatment you’ll need to help recover. Luckily, there are systems put in place so that your employer is responsible to cover medical expenses for workplace injuries. To file a workers’ compensation claim, however, you’ll need an  experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A Columbia hearing loss lawyer could ensure your treatment does not become a financial burden.

How Does Workplace Hearing Loss Happen?

Hearing loss is actually one of the most common ways people get hurt on the job. Primarily, there are two ways that someone could lose their hearing at work. The first, as you may suspect, is exposure to excessively loud noise. Whether it was an accidental explosion or just the background din of a warehouse, any noise over 85 decibels is considered hazardous to the human ear. The other typical way people incur hearing loss is due to exposure to ototoxins, or chemicals that are specifically dangerous for your ear. An attorney in Columbia with experience in hearing loss cases could help collect evidence for your claim.

How Do I Know If I Have Hearing Loss?

Unlike a broken bone or a laceration, hearing loss happens over a long stretch of time. If you notice that, as of late, you feel that people are mumbling or speaking too softly, the problem may actually be your hearing. Similarly, if you find yourself having to ask other to repeat themselves often, you might want to speak to a doctor.

A Workers’ Compensation Claim Could Help

Although hearing loss is a gradual workplace injury, you are still given a very limited time frame to get start the work comp process. You only have 30 days after you are diagnosed with hearing loss to file your claim with the Missouri Department of Labor. After that, you’ll need to work with your employer’s work comp insurance company to have your future medical expenses paid for. Work comp can cover things like primary care and specialist appointments, as well as the medical equipment needed to try and help you recover some of your hearing. A hearing loss attorney in Columbia could help you compile a list of expenses to submit for coverage.

Get in Contact with a Hearing Loss Attorney in Columbia Immediately

You may find, once you’ve filed your injury report and started the process, that the insurance company are not interested in helping you. It might be their goal to ‘resolve’ your case as soon as possible, regardless of how you feel or what you need. That’s why you need a work comp attorney on your side. A Columbia hearing loss lawyer can handle every step of the process, making sure that your medical expense are paid for and your lost wages are recouped. That way, you can focus on adjusting to a new way of life. Contact our office and make an appointment today.

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