Medical Bills for Car Accidents in Columbia

Every year in the U.S. there are approximately 6 million car accidents, resulting in tens of thousands of serious injuries and fatalities. When a car accident occurs, the medical bills associated with treating injuries can be incredibly expensive and overwhelming.

In many cases hospitals may even overcharge for their services. These medical bill overcharges can lead to long-term economic damage, as well as emotional distress for patients and their families. Unfortunately, many people facing medical bills for car accidents in Columbia don’t know where to turn, but an experienced car accident attorney can help.

Medical Bill Errors

According to Medical Billing Advocates of America, it is common to find errors in three out of four medical bills and estimates that approximately 80% of all medical bills contain errors. The average emergency room visit can cost more than $3,000 – and that’s without any further medical treatments. In Columbia, someone can expect to pay almost $1,800 for an ER visit, and the typical hospital stay is just under $2,000. After an automobile accident – especially a serious one – the costs of care can balloon to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and beyond.

What is especially disturbing about this is the fact that multiple studies have shown the leading contributor to bankruptcies is medical debt. Researchers have found that over 66% of all bankruptcy filings are linked to medical bills, either due to the high cost of treatment or time lost from work, and usually a combination of both. Their findings indicated over 500,000 families are driven into bankruptcy every year due to medical bills. This is why it is important for anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle collision to seek out the help of a personal injury lawyer regarding their medical expenses.

Being Overcharged for Medical Costs

Medical overcharges occur when a hospital or medical provider charges excessive amounts for their services. John Hopkins University School of Medicine conducted a study of over 12,000 billing records for ER visits across the US. They found that patients were charged 340 percent more than what Medicare would typically pay for injuries that ranged from stitches to a review of a CT scan. For those who have been in a car accident, where serious injuries have been sustained, this can add enormous financial strain during an already difficult time.

Medical bills must be accurate and transparent but understanding medical bills and the terminology they use can be a confusing process. The good news is that a personal injury lawyer can help those affected by medical overcharging. A Columbia car accident attorney will understand the intricacies of medical billing and be able to review any medical bills you receive after an automobile accident. They will identify errors, check for false charges, and other potentially fraudulent activity, and will be able to negotiate a lower amount on your behalf.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident in Columbia or have experienced any kind of medical bill overcharge, it is important to act quickly before the charges become even more difficult to dispute. A car accident can have devastating, long-term physical and emotional effects. When compounded by excessive and potentially inaccurate medical bills, the financial distress can become overwhelming. A personal injury lawyer can step in and help, making sure that the medical bills you receive are both accurate and fair, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

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