Hit-and-Run Accidents in Columbia

Sustaining an injury in a motor vehicle accident is incredibly challenging when the driver who caused the crash leaves the accident scene. This can make it difficult to hold them accountable for the damage they caused.

Even though you do not have the driver’s information, you have options following hit-and-run accidents in Columbia. Often, the police can identify the motorist who struck your vehicle and fled the scene. A skilled car accident attorney could help you pursue compensation after your accident.

Reasons Why Drivers Leave the Scene of an Accident

A motorist may leave the scene of a hit-and-run accident in Columbia due to the fear of facing consequences when law enforcement arrives, but this is not the only reason.

Arrest Warrant

Motorists who know they have a warrant out for their arrest often choose not to stay at the crash site. They know the police will be there shortly to take a report, and running gives them a chance to avoid an arrest.

Impaired Driver

Drivers who cause a wreck while under the influence of drugs or alcohol often flee out of fear of being arrested. They are trying to avoid a DUI arrest and would rather face additional criminal charges related to leaving the accident site.

Lack of Insurance

Some hit-and-run accidents occur because the driver is uninsured. They realize that being personally liable for the damage they cause in an accident can have lasting financial consequences. Some people choose to run in the hopes of avoiding those consequences.

Immigration Status

Some drivers leave the scene following an accident because of their immigration status. Motorists who lack legal status in this country could be at risk of facing detention by ICE following an arrest for driving without a license.

Legal Options After Hit-and-Run Accidents

Unlike traditional personal injury cases, there are unique challenges that come with pursuing compensation after a Columbia hit-and-run collision. Filing a civil case is impossible when the negligent driver cannot be identified.

Thankfully, law enforcement is often able to track down these drivers. The sooner police are notified of the situation, the better the odds that a nearby officer will spot the other vehicle. In that scenario, it is possible to pursue legal action once the driver’s identity is known.

When the motorist who fled the scene cannot be found, the best chance for financial recovery likely comes from an insurance claim. Whether coverage for these accidents is available depends on the type of policy a driver has. For example, uninsured motorist policies provide benefits following a hit-and-run accident. The same is true for full-coverage insurance policies.

Talk to a Lawyer in Columbia About Hit-and-Run Accidents

When you are hurt in an accident caused by a driver who immediately fled the scene, you could be on the hook for the damages. The right legal counsel from The Law Office of Chris Miller could help you understand your options regardless of whether the other motorist’s identity is ever determined. Call today to learn more about your legal options following hit-and-run accidents in Columbia.

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