Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Columbia

Since smartphones became popular, auto accidents caused by distracted drivers have increased significantly nationwide. Even worse, some people who text and drive—or are focused on something other than the road ahead—are operating massive tractor-trailers weighing as much as 80,000 pounds. Therefore, accidents involving these vehicles tend to have devastating effects.

Distracted driving truck accidents in Columbia often serve as the basis for civil litigation and substantial financial recovery. However, if you want the best chances of achieving the best possible result from a case like this, you must seek help from a skilled truck accident lawyer with experience getting injured victims like you the money they deserve. An attorney at the Law Offices of Chris Miller can fight to protect your rights and help you get the payments you need to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Common Sources of Distraction for Long-Haul Truckers

Of course, any commercial truck driver looking down at their cell phone or smartphone while driving puts themselves and everyone around them at risk of serious injury. However, there are numerous ways in which truckers in Columbia might drive while distracted, causing a crash, including:

  • Talking to someone else over the phone or radio
  • Inputting GPS directions
  • Changing the radio station or selecting a song or track on a smartphone
  • Eating, drinking, or smoking
  • Personal grooming
  • Watching a video or reading a book

Unfortunately, the long hours that truck drivers spend on the road make them especially susceptible to distraction behind the wheel, as well as to driving while fatigued and potentially being slower to react to road conditions. A knowledgeable attorney in South Elgin can help pursue fair financial recovery after a collision caused by a semi-truck driver engaging in any of these or other forms of distraction behind the wheel.

How to Prove a Trucker for a Tractor-Trailer Crash

State law expressly prohibits drivers under 21, as well as commercial drivers, from texting behind the wheel. Even when a truck driver did not break any specific law by driving while distracted, they could still hold civil liability for causing an accident in Columbia by acting recklessly or carelessly behind the wheel.

It is also worth noting that it is not always necessary to prove exactly how a truck driver was distracted to hold them accountable for an ensuing traffic collision. For example, when a truck driver drifts out of their lane and hits your car because they were distracted by their radio, their reckless lane change way is often a more significant piece of evidence for establishing fault than the reason they acted recklessly.

Speak With an Attorney in Columbia About a Distracted Driving Truck Accident Claim

Ultimately, holding a truck driver legally liable for a distracted driving truck accident in Columbia is both a matter of establishing some form of negligence by the truck driver and connecting that negligence to a specific incident that resulted in specific compensable losses. Guidance from seasoned legal counsel can be crucial when building a strong civil claim after this type of accident.

The custom-tailored support you may need to get fair financial restitution is available from a skilled truck accident lawyer. Call the Law Offices of Chris Miller today to schedule a confidential consultation and let our dedicated legal representatives begin working on your case.

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