Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Columbia

Extreme weather can greatly increase the odds of a dangerous vehicle collision because vehicles are more likely to be involved in a crash due to factors like slick roads or poor visibility. There are few incidents with a higher potential for devastating injuries than bad weather truck accidents in Columbia.

When you are hurt in a collision with a commercial vehicle when driving conditions were poor, you might be entitled to financial compensation. A dedicated truck accident attorney could review the facts of your accident and help you understand how negligence played a role in your crash.

Who Is at Fault?

When bad weather plays a part in truck accidents in Columbia, one person may not be entirely to blame. In some cases, sudden weather changes can lead to unavoidable collisions, especially where snow and ice are concerned.

Extreme weather does not provide blanket protection for truck drivers from liability for accidents, and in some cases, a trucker’s actions could dramatically increase the chances of a collision. This is known as negligence.

Truck operators may be negligent when they cause a crash while traveling at high speeds in bad weather. It is important to reduce speeds and avoid following another driver too closely when driving in heavy precipitation, as slick roads can make it easy for truckers to lose control of their vehicle.

These conditions can greatly increase the amount of time it takes a commercial vehicle to come to a complete halt, which leads to rear-end collisions.

Potential Defendants

A truck operator might be liable for a bad weather accident in Columbia, but other parties could be on the hook for any damage they cause because it is often possible to pursue legal action against multiple parties following a crash.

Under the law, the employer of the driver might face liability for any damage caused by a negligent truck driver they employ. This is true so long as the commercial operator was acting within the scope of their employment at the time of the wreck.

Third parties might also be to blame. Certain vehicle defects could increase the risk of a crash in bad weather conditions. For example, a truck with a faulty braking system or non-functioning headlights might lead to a crash, and in that situation, a plaintiff could pursue a lawsuit against the vehicle or part manufacturer.

Suing the maker of a commercial vehicle is different from a traditional personal injury case because there is no need to show the company was negligent, only that they created a defective product that ultimately resulted in a crash.

Other individuals might also share in the blame, including mechanics who made faulty repairs or a company that overloaded the trailer prior to the trip.

Talk to a Lawyer in Columbia About Bad Weather Truck Accidents

When you are hurt in a bad weather truck accident in Columbia, you might be entitled to compensation. A successful civil lawsuit could pay for your medical costs and help you cover your other losses. Contact the Law Office of Chris Miller as soon as possible for a private consultation to discuss your legal options.

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