Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Columbia

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition affecting the median nerve and tendons in the wrist. The median nerve and your tendons in the wrist control movement in the thumb and your first three fingers. An injury to this region can prove to be a huge physical burden. We use our thumbs and fingers for almost everything we do—from driving to eating, from typing to talking on the phone, and from working out to reading a book—our fingers and thumbs are involved in all of it. If you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome in Columbia, you should reach out to a lawyer with experience handling repetitive stress injuries.

Common Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

Symptoms of median nerve compression include, but are not limited to:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Burning sensations
  • Loss of dexterity
  • Grip weakness

Any of these symptoms would make any physical activity more difficult. Even something as simple as typing on a computer is rendered a painful experience by someone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in Columbia.

Activities That Cause Median Nerve Compression

A person can develop this condition through several activities associated with different professions. Here is a list of everyday activities that can produce these symptoms:

  • Typing or operating a cash register
  • Sewing or crocheting
  • Painting
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Agricultural tasks
  • Tools involving repetitive movements, consistent vibrations, or twisting movements
  • Driving
  • Assembly line work
  • Cooking
  • Playing sports or repetitive workouts

The difference between carpal tunnel syndrome and other workplace injuries is that this condition does not occur after one specific incident, such as a broken arm or dislocated shoulder. It is generally developed subtly over a period of time and usually goes unnoticed until painful symptoms become apparent. If you developed carpal tunnel at work, a lawyer may be able to help you claim benefits through a valid workers’ comp claim.

Worker’s Compensation Benefits for Carpal Tunnel

In this state, employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if they develop carpal tunnel while on the job. However, these claims can be difficult cases. The burden of proof is on the employee to establish that the condition was caused by their working conditions. Employees in Colubia suffering from work-related carpal tunnel syndrome may be eligible for the following benefits:

Medical Costs

This covers treatment related to the employee’s injury, including doctor’s visits, procedures, prescriptions, medical equipment, and rehabilitation.

Temporary Disability

If the condition prevents an employee from working, the employee may be eligible to receive a percentage of their lost wages.

Permanent Disability

If the condition is severe enough that the employee will never regain full use of their body, that employee may be eligible for long-term benefits. A local attorney could help you fight for the benefits you need to recover from carpal tunnel.

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At the Law Office of Chris Miller, we understand how median nerve compression can hinder your life. We also have a detailed understanding of the complexities involved in filing a workers’ compensation claim dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome in Columbia. While you focus on recovery and getting your life back on track, allow us to deal with the headaches and paperwork, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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