Statute of Limitations in Columbia

No matter where you look, anyone who knows anything about filing a personal injury claim will tell you to act fast. Whether you’re going to receive medical attention or reaching out to a personal injury lawyer, time is of the essence. It’s not just to ensure you have a speedy recovery, either. The statute of limitations in Columbia, is a specific time window in which an injured person can file a personal injury lawsuit.

Statue of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

According to  law, you have a five-year window to file your personal injury lawsuit. If you were injured in a car crash, for example, you would have grounds to file your lawsuit until five years have passed since the car accident. Statute of limitations such as this are used to ensure the credibility of evidence and eyewitness testimonies. Over time, people forget things and paperwork gets lost.

This is why it’s so crucial to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. You’ll want as much time as you can to review the details of your case, gather your evidence, and speak with subject matter experts. That way, you are as prepared as you can be for the future court proceedings.

Exceptions to the Statue of Limitations

There are certain types of personal injury cases that have an even smaller timeframe to file your claim. In the case of wrongful death, for example, the family of the deceased only have three years after their loved one’s death to enter their filing. The fact that you have even less time to get started makes hiring a wrongful death lawyer a very high priority. Medical malpractice has an even shorter time window. After you realized that you’ve been neglected by medical staff, you have a total of two years to get your filing started. This makes hiring a medical malpractice lawyer even more important.

Statue of Limitations Extensions

There are a couple exceptions to the statute of limitations that can be used to extend your deadline for filing in Columbia. First and foremost, you can get an extension with the help of the Discovery Rule. The countdown for your statute of limitations begins when you discover that you’ve been injured or fallen ill. For example, if you lived in a rental unit and were exposed to asbestos unknowingly, then contracted mesothelioma several years later, your statute of limitations would start to go by once you’ve received your diagnosis. It is at this point you discovered that someone acted negligently to you, and you’re suffering because of it.

Minors are unable to file a lawsuit, but that does not stop them from being injured by careless people. If a minor is unable to file a suit due to their age, the statute of limitations is paused until they’ve reached majority . A similar rule applies to those with mental illnesses or disabilities that make it difficult to make independent decisions.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Before It’s Too Late

The statute of limitations in Columbia gives victims very little time to build up their case. That is why so many experts push people to act fast. After seeking medical attention for your injuries, you should call a personal injury lawyer right away.

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