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Building collapses are traumatic events that can lead to multiple injuries and deaths, and in most cases, they are the result of negligence. Not following building codes, failing to maintain property correctly, and other issues can lead to instability and later collapse. Frequently, multiple parties are notified of the problems and have the opportunity to correct them before the building falls.

When you are injured in a building collapse, you may have a claim against one or more parties, but because this process is complicated, you should consider working with an experienced premises liability attorney. Depending on what led to the collapse, these claims may be much larger than other personal injury claims for similar injuries because they might include punitive damage awards. To find out more about your potential rights and remedies, contact a Columbia building collapse lawyer.

Building Collapses

A building collapse refers to a sudden event that leads to total or partial collapse. While the collapse itself may seem sudden, there are often signs that indicate a building collapse is possible. Routine maintenance and inspections should reveal faults that can lead to collapse, and building owners may be negligent for failing to inspect their buildings regularly and address problems when they occur.

Structural Failure

Buildings commonly collapse due to failure of load-bearing features like walls, beams, or columns. Cutting corners in the construction process by using low-quality materials or improper construction practices can lead to these issues.

Design Flaws

When the building is not designed to handle its weight and size based on the underlying soil types, the design may be responsible for a collapse. In an area like Columbia, where tornadoes are a possibility, designs that cannot withstand high winds may be faulty.


While the fire is the main problem, destruction from the fire can lead to different parts of the building collapsing. Wood and other flammable substances are vulnerable in a fire, but extreme temperatures can lead to instability in steel and concrete as well. Similarly, explosions can cause fires and weaken structures, leading to collapse.

Foundation Problems

Over time, the building settles, but when it settles unevenly, the foundation is prone to breaking or cracking, which can lead to collapse.

Improper Maintenance

As buildings age, their structural elements may be at risk. Failing to repair or replace them as necessary can result in a vulnerable structure. Improper maintenance can also be due to overloading, which can happen when someone does not remove snow accumulation on a roof or overloads a building beyond its capacity.

Natural Disasters

Even when a natural disaster triggers a collapse, there is still the potential that someone is liable. Building codes generally incorporate the risk of local natural disasters, so a building collapse may indicate that someone failed to adhere to those codes.

A lawyer in Columbia who has experience with building collapses could investigate and collect evidence to show why the building fell.

Injuries From Building Collapses

Some people escape from building collapses with no injuries at all, others sustain severe injuries, and some may die. Some injuries happen immediately because of the falling building. Injuries may occur when someone is buried in rubble, because  even without any other injuries, they can suffer from dehydration, starvation, and lack of oxygen.

Many of these injuries have the potential for long-term effects or disabilities. In addition, even people who did not suffer physical injuries may deal with emotional turmoil and trauma for years after the accident. Recovery can be time-consuming and expensive, but a building collapse lawyer in Columbia could help injured people financially recover for injuries.

Consult a Building Collapse Attorney in Columbia

The aftermath of a building collapse can be confusing. It may take months or years for investigators to determine who was responsible for the accident, including property owners, engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, construction firms, building material suppliers, manufacturers, property management companies, inspectors, or even the government.

A Columbia building collapse lawyer at the Law Office of Chris Miller can take steps to preserve your claim, even when the cause of the collapse is unknown. They could represent your interests, seeking an economic recovery that covers all of your economic and noneconomic injuries. Schedule a consultation to learn more.


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