Columbia Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents

Construction sites are full of potential hazards. Many things can hurt people, but slip and fall accidents, which happen any time a person loses their footing and falls, are still one of the leading causes of construction site accidents. They can happen on relatively flat surfaces or when a person falls from a distance.

Broken handrails, uneven flooring, loose rugs, broken or uneven stairs, wet or slippery floors, holes, insufficient lighting, and obstacles on the floor can all lead to slip and fall accidents at a construction site, even though people should expect construction sites to be somewhat hazardous. An experienced construction accident attorney could help injured people recover after Columbia construction site slip and fall accidents.

Potential Injuries

The term slip and fall does not sound like it would lead to severe harm, but people can suffer debilitating injuries from these accidents. They can lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and injuries to the knees, ankles, shoulders, back, spinal cord, face, and more.

Depending on the severity of the injury, recovery can be lengthy and expensive. Some people may never recover, so an economic recovery needs to cover medical bills, lost wages, and time away from work.

Missouri Revised Statutes § 287 et al. covers workers’ compensation laws for the state. Any employer with five or more employees must have workers’ compensation insurance, which only covers employees, not independent contractors. Companies in the construction industry must carry the coverage or be authorized to be self-insured.

The benefit of workers’ compensation is no one has to prove negligence, simply show the injury occurred at work, but workers’ compensation limits an injured person’s financial recovery. In addition, the employer may be able to dictate the doctors who provide medical care, at least for certifying an employee as unable to work or able to return to work. A lawyer could help an employee get the best terms of coverage and ensure the employer compensates the injured person fairly after a construction site slip and fall accident in Columbia.

Third-Party Claims

Not every person on a construction site is there to work, but anyone can slip and fall at a site. Whether the property manager or construction company will be liable depends on the person’s status on the property. When they are there for legal reasons, then they may have a general premises liability lawsuit, but when they are a trespasser, there may be no liability for their claims.

Generally, construction sites will have substantial warnings about the construction. It may have specified pathways for people to travel in order to avoid slip and falls. The court will examine whether an injured person contributed to their injury by behaving recklessly or negligently, which may reduce their ability to recover from the property owner or other parties.

Workers on a construction site may also have third-party claims when someone else on the property contributed to the injury and that person was outside the control of the employer. While third-party claims are more difficult to establish than workers’ compensation claims, they have a broader range of potential damage remedies.

On-the-Job Injuries

When someone sustains an on-the-job injury, they need to take several steps to secure their claim. First, they should report the accident to their employer and see a doctor as soon as possible. Failing to notify an employer within 30 days of the event that caused the injury can jeopardize a potential workers’ comp claim. When possible, they should document the events of the accident, including taking photographs. Employers can specify which doctors can provide medical treatment unless it is emergency medical care.

Once notified of an injury, the employer should file a workers’ comp claim on behalf of an employee. When they do not, their lack of action may indicate they are going to contest a claim, and the employee should seek the services of a Columbia attorney who handles slip and fall accidents on construction sites.

Learn More About Slip and Falls at Construction Sites in Columbia

Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injuries that impact a person’s ability to work. Depending on whether someone was an employee, a bystander, an invitee, or a contractor, the remedies for these accidents may vary significantly. The best way to learn more about your potential remedies after Columbia construction site slip and fall accidents is to call an attorney at the Law Office of Chris Miller.


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