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According to the Amputee Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and resources to those affected by amputation, there are about 185,000 amputations performed each year in the United States. And data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that as recently as 2018, there were 6,200 amputations as a result of workplace accidents, and 58% of those involved machinery.

There is no question that the loss of a limb is a highly distressing and life-changing event. Amputations, whether they be accidents or medical in nature, come with significant emotional, physical, and financial costs. In Columbia, individuals who have suffered an amputation injury in an accident or due to medical negligence may have different kinds of personal injury or workers’ compensation claims they can file as a result.

In either case, it is important to understand the legal process and what needs to be done to protect the rights of those who have suffered amputation injuries. When you sustain an injury like this, call a Columbia amputation lawyer. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney is ready to help you fight for justice.

Types of Amputation Injury Accidents

While medical amputations related to conditions such as diabetes or cancer make up most amputations performed each year, some amputations are the result of traumatic injuries associated with accidents. Approximately 25% of amputations result from traumatic injuries, including automobile accidents, workplace accidents, and more.

Common causes of amputation injuries include crush injuries in which a limb or body part gets crushed under the weight of an object; avulsion injuries when a limb is severed by machinery or some other force, degloving-type injuries where the skin and tissue are pulled away from the underlying muscle, amputations due to electric shock or lightning strike, and amputation injuries resulting from chemical exposure. Where traumatic injuries are involved, the five most common include:

Although not as common, medical malpractice or product liability may also be the cause of an amputation injury accident. No matter the cause, an amputation can involve any part of the body, including fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, and legs. A seasoned attorney in Columbia can review a case to determine the value of a claim.

How a Lawyer Can Assist with Amputation Injury Cases

The costs associated with amputations injury are extremely high. In fact, the National Library of Medicine reports that the projected lifetime healthcare cost for victims of an amputation can be as much as $500,000. These costs include medical bills, ongoing care and rehabilitation, prosthetic devices, and physical therapy. What this does not consider, however, is the pain and suffering, and emotional distress associated with the loss of a limb, nor does it factor in lost wages and other financial losses related to an amputation injury.

When an amputation injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, whether on or off the job, personal injury and workers’ compensation claims can be made to recover losses. If a civil claim is being pursued it will likely involve filing a lawsuit against the liable party(s) to seek damages for any medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

In the case of a workers’ comp claim due to an on-the-job amputation injury accident, the victim may be eligible for medical coverage and financial benefits depending on the state in which they work. In Columbia, personal injury or workers’ compensation claims related to amputation injuries are highly complex and may involve a lengthy process.

It is important to seek out the help of an experienced injury attorney who specializes in amputation injuries. A skilled lawyer in Columbia will work to gather relevant evidence, identify all liable parties, and help the victim obtain the compensation they deserve after losing a limb to a negligent action. This includes interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records, and using experts if needed to prove liability.

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