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Determining joint and legal custody of a child in addition to a well established parenting plan are important when separating households. However, as we carry on our separate lives and grow as individuals and parents, circumstances can change. If you believe that circumstances have changed in your life justifying a modification of your child custody order, contact a Columbia child custody lawyer today to talk about your options.

IMPORTANT: If you are questioning whether or not an existing custody order is appropriate because you are fearful that the safety of a child is in jeopardy, you should contact a family lawyer immediately to review the situation and find the appropriate solution to ensure the safety of the child.


Child support determinations are made with the best financial information that exists for the parents at the time the amount of child support is determined. After time passes a parent can lose a job, receive a big promotion earning more money, or retire. Any change to income or financial circumstances could impact the amount of child support you are entitled to receive or pay.

In Missouri, courts utilize an established set of guidelines to help determine the amount of Child Support that is owed called “Form 14.” Contact Chris Miller today to help you understand what those guidelines mean for your particular case and if there are any deviations that should be applied.


Under Missouri law, there are very strict requirements that you must follow in order to move your children after a custody order has been entered.  At least sixty (60) days in advance of the move, you must provide the other parent with notice of your intent to move via certified mail.  Such notice must contain the following:

  • The new address for where you plan on moving to;
  • The date of the move;
  • The reason why you want to move; and
  • An explanation of how the move impacts the other parent’s custody schedule.

Failure to follow this requirement could result in loss of your custody and/or visitation rights to your children.  Once the other parent receives the notice of your intent to move, they will have thirty (30) days to file an objection with the Circuit Court if they are opposed.  While the court cannot prevent you from moving, it can enter a custody modification order if it deems that the modification is in the best interests of the child because of the move. This could either be favorable or detrimental. To ensure you reach a favorable courtroom outcome, contact a Columbia child custody lawyer who could help.

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