Sex Offenses in Columbia

Sexual offenses encompass a broad range of transgressions, which if an individual is found guilty, can carry serious, life-changing consequences. Unfortunately, despite the serious nature of these crimes, sex offenses are not an uncommon occurrence.

According to Statista, over 177,000 people in the U.S. were victims of a sex offense in 2021 alone. If you find yourself charged with a sex offense in Columbia, you need to make sure you have an experienced attorney on your side.

Understanding Sex Offenses in Columbia

Sex crimes have different definitions depending on the jurisdiction. Nevertheless, there are common categories of sex offenses. Most of these are crimes that involve adults, which include rape, sexual battery/assault, and marital rape.

There are also sex offense crimes in which children are victimized, which include pornography, exploitation, molestation, and abduction. In addition, sex offenses can also include crimes like prostitution, solicitation of a prostitute, public lewdness, and even bestiality.

Common Penalties for Sexual Offenses

In Columbia, the legal ramifications of a sex offense can be severe. Depending on the type and gravity of the offense and whether prior convictions exist, criminal penalties can range from minor fines or probation to lengthy prison sentences. Some examples of these include:


Rape is an extremely serious charge and penalties in Columbia can range from 1 year in jail to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, depending on the charge. Also, if charged with Rape in the First Degree, you would not be eligible for probation.  In addition to these serious consequences, if convicted, the guilty party will need to register as a sex offender.

Sex Abuse

Depending on the circumstances, charges of sexual abuse can result in anything from 1 to 15 years in prison. Registration on a sex offender list will also be likely.

Child Molestation

The punishment for child molestation against children ranges from up to one year in county jail or up to a life sentence in the Missouri Department of Corrections, depending on the charge. There could also be no chance of probation or parole, depending on the charge. If convicted, the offender is automatically added to the Missouri sex offender list.


Charges of prostitution can result in jail time of 6 months and a $500 fine all the way up to imprisonment for 5-15 years, depending on the severity and circumstances of the charges.


Solicitation of a prostitute carries similar penalties as prostitution. These can range from 6 months in jail and/or a $500 fine, up to 4 years in prison, and/or a $5,000 fine.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of sex offenses. Each case is unique and requires specialized attention from an experienced lawyer in Columbia.

How Can a Columbia Criminal Defense Lawyer Assist with Sex Offense Charges?

Being charged with any type of sex offense crime carries with it the potential for serious consequences. It is important that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can provide the best legal representation for your case. A skilled Columbia sex offense lawyer will work to protect your rights and can ensure you have the best chance of a favorable outcome in court.

They will examine the prosecutor’s evidence, challenge accusations made against you, and present a strong defense on your behalf. If there is any possibility that you were wrongly accused or retaliated against, your criminal defense lawyer will work to uncover any evidence that could be used in your favor.

Contact an Attorney in Columbia if You Face a Sex Offense Charge

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We understand being charged with a sex crime of any sort can be a difficult and frightening experience. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

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