Five-Year License Denial Reinstatement in Columbia

Receiving a license denial can be a difficult situation to process and recover from. Fortunately, in Columbia, license reinstatement is possible after a five-year period in certain circumstances. If you have had your driving privilege suspended, revoked, or denied and are now looking to get back on the road, there are specific steps you must take to reinstate your license.

To reinstate your license, you must first establish that you have been driving safely and responsibly for at least five years. During this period, it is important to avoid any further criminal charges or additional traffic violations as these could further affect your eligibility for reinstatement. You must also show that you have taken steps to change your behaviors, such as taking a driving safety course or attending drug and alcohol counseling. To learn more about the five-year license denial reinstatement in Columbia, reach out to our dedicated attorneys today.

The Process of Reinstatement

In Columbia, the Department of Revenue (DOR) has the authority to deny an individual’s driver’s license for a period of five years for certain violations or criminal offenses. If you are convicted of two driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses within five years, you could have your license denied for a period of five years.  Similarly, convictions of any other alcohol or drug related offense within five years from the date of your first DWI conviction could also result in a license denial for five years.

When a driver’s license is denied for five years, it can have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to work, care for their family, and maintain their daily routine. Losing the ability to drive can make it difficult to get to work, run errands, and attend important appointments. It can also result in financial hardship and a loss of independence.

However, it is possible to have a five-year license denial reinstated. The process for reinstatement begins with the individual obtaining an order of reinstatement from the circuit court in the county where the alcohol or drug-related conviction occurred. In addition, the individual is required to register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) for a Criminal History Check. Those with a five-year license denial must also provide evidence of the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) that includes a camera. The court may mandate equipping the IID with GPS technology for additional security measures as well. Additionally, the IID must be sustained for a minimum duration of six months from the day it was reinstated.

How a Columbia Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

It can be intimidating to navigate the process of reinstatement on your own, especially if you are not familiar with criminal defense laws. This is where an experienced criminal defense attorney comes in. With their help, you can better understand the process and have a better chance of having your license reinstated. In addition to helping individuals with the reinstatement process, a criminal defense attorney can also assist with any underlying criminal charges that led to the license denial. For example, if the license denial was the result of a DUI charge, an attorney can work to have the charges reduced or dismissed, which can increase the individual’s chances of having their license reinstated.

Having a defense attorney in Columbia by your side can also help ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process and that you understand all of your options. It is important to note that even if an individual’s license is reinstated, they may still face restrictions or conditions on their driving privilege.

A five-year license denial can have significant consequences for individuals and their families. However, it is possible to have the license reinstated with the help of a criminal defense attorney.

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