Car Accident $380K

A 68-year-old grandmother received a jury verdict for more than $380,000.00 after presenting the facts of her case to the jury. The grandmother was injured, while driving her granddaughter home from her first job interview. In the aftermath of the accident, it was discovered that the grandmother had lacerations to her face and a severe tibial plateau fracture, requiring two surgeries and months of physical therapy during her road to recovery.

Our team found that the other driver, who was rushing on her way to get to a birthday party, failed to check both sides of the road for oncoming traffic before proceeding into an intersection and into oncoming traffic. The defendant argued, however, that our client exaggerated the severity of her injuries, and that she even exacerbated her injuries by taking improper care of them. With the assistance of professional medical opinions, however, we were able to prove that our client did the best she could to recover and deserved to be properly compensated for it.