Workers’ Compensation $178K

One workshop foreman was able to receive over $178,000.00 in benefits paid due to our help with his workers’ compensation case. He suffered a terrible work-related accident when he and a coworker were preparing a motorized blade. The blade managed to slice the foreman from wrist to elbow, leaving a deep laceration on his right arm. He had to be taken in for surgery immediately to repair the extensive damage to his muscles and connective tissues and faced several months of physical therapy afterward. Not only did he face months of treatment, but our client has permanent damage and severe scarring on that arm.

With the help of our team, the foreman was able to have his needs taken care of. We communicated the exact extent of his injuries to his employer’s insurance company and negotiated for his medical expenses to be covered. What’s more, we were able to advocate for our client’s permanent disfigurement and won him a permanent partial disability amount as well. Now, our client can focus on recovering and building up his own business.