Veterans Day Brawl Injures Four Columbia Police Officers

For many Columbia residents, the weekend of Veterans Day is meant to celebrate our service members, both past and present. Many people hold barbecues and parties to celebrate their family members who served in the military. For many, parties and barbecues also involve alcohol, and sometimes intoxication can lead us to do impulsive and dangerous things.

Such is the case of one 30-year-old man now facing multiple charges of assault. The Columbia Police Department received a tip of a man trespassing around 9:30 p.m. on November 11 at the American Legion Post 202. Apparently, this person had instigated a fight with another person and refused to leave when asked. When police arrived at the premises, they found the man intoxicated.

According to a report from KOMU, the intoxicated man became very upset when police arrived, and shoved one of the officers. He then began to resist arrest and started a scuffle. This resulted in scrapes and bruises for all officers, as well as one being bit by the man. The man was taken to the hospital following his arrest to receive medical treatment. While there, he managed to slip out of his restraints and began to fight back once again, scratching and licking an officer’s arm in the ensuring fight to get him back in his restraints.

In general, we can’t recommend getting into two altercations with law enforcement within the span of one night. Still, dealing with law enforcement can be stressful and scary, especially if you’re facing potential charges. You should call a criminal defense lawyer before anything else. In the moment, however, there are a few steps you can take to help yourself.

What Should You Do If You’re Stopped by Police?

When you are required to interact with law enforcement, you should first and foremost remain calm. You’re much more likely to do something impulsive when you’re highly emotional, and by keeping a level head you’re improving your situation. Similarly, it’s important to comply with whatever law enforcement asks of you. As proven by this case over the weekend, resisting their orders will only get you into more trouble. What police might ask of you depends on the situation, they might take you into custody or just ask you questions. You could receive a court summons through the mail, or just given a ticket at the scene.

After your interaction with law enforcement is over, it is extremely important that you begin to take very detailed documentation for everything. This not only includes what happened with your law enforcement interaction, but everything that led up to your run-in with the law. This is partially why an attorney is so crucial to your case. Not only can they help you collect your evidence, but they can handle all communications and navigate you through the legal process.

The Law Office of Chris Miller Can Defend You

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