Two-Year-Old Injured in Speeding Car Accident

Whether we like to admit it or not, almost everyone has driven faster than the speed limit allows. It’s also very likely that you’ve received a speeding ticket because of this behavior. Research reports that nearly one in ten drivers in the United States has a speeding ticket on their record. Because of its pervasiveness, it might seem like a relatively innocent crime. There is very good reason, however, that speeding is a punishable offense.

One example as to why law enforcement tries to prevent speeding happened just a few days ago, here in Boone County. A 40-year-old driver, along with her 2-year-old passenger, were driving down Route B on the afternoon of November 29. The driver was accelerating far too fast, especially for the rainy, slick conditions. Because of its speed, the vehicle slid off the right side of the roadway and flew down an embankment. In the process, the car struck several trees. When Missouri State Highway Patrol arrived, they thankfully found both people alive. The juvenile had only suffered minor injuries, but the driver, who was not wearing a seatbelt, faced worse and serious injuries.

Preventable Dangers in Car Accidents

The unfortunate fact about car accidents that occur in Missouri is that they are often preventable in some way. There are several factors that could cause an injury or even a fatality in a car accident, and this particular case highlights two very important circumstances.

First is, naturally, the element of speeding at play. The National Safety Council surveyed that speeding led to an average of 33 people dying per day in 2021. This is due to, in large part, the affects speeding has on your ability to act. If you’re going well over the speed limit, you will have less time to react and will require more distance on the road to come to a stop. Plus, high speeds can reduce the likelihood that guardrails and barriers will protect pedestrians, passengers, and drivers during a crash.

The severity of injuries in a car accident can just as easily be determined by the presence of a correctly buckled seatbelt. The CDC’s research finds that using your seatbelt will decrease the likelihood of you dying in a car accident by about 50%.

When someone is injured in a car accident, and it happens because of someone’s negligent careless actions, they could have the grounds for a personal injury claim. Preventable factors such as speeding and distracted driving are certainly considered negligent. However, filing a personal injury claim is something you should do with a car accident lawyer at your side.

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