The Four Most Common Reasons Why Car Accidents Happen

Perhaps it is simply a consequence of living in a state where the primary form of transportation are cars, but car accidents happen every single day in Missouri. What’s worse, the state has noticed a rise in car accident-related fatalities year-over-year, going as far back as 2019.

The most tragic aspect as to why these numbers are so concerning is because so often car accidents could have been avoided. Car accidents happen for many reasons, and many of them are completely preventable. When driving, avoiding these seemingly small habits might be the difference between a normal drive and a life-or-death situation.

Faulty Road Conditions

From potholes to missing guard rails, sometimes the major deciding factor of an accident is the condition of the road. Unexpected obstacles like that can seriously put someone’s life at risk. In Missouri, nearly a quarter of our roads are in poor condition. Being vigilant of any damages to the roads could very easily save your life.

Driving Distracted

Most of the time, people typically think of texting and using your phone as distracted driving. In reality, it can be anything that takes your eyes off the road, including switching the radio, fixing your GPS, talking with your passengers, or eating food. Choosing to wait to call your friend back of switch the station can save you from a very serious injury.

Driving While Intoxicated

Alcohol will always impair your cognitive functions and your motor abilities, and that’s why people who are charged with DWI’s are punished so harshly. In Missouri there were over 18,000 arrests of people who were driving under the influence. If intoxication is compounded with a safety hazard like not wearing your seatbelt, you could very easily wind up dead.

Aggressive Drivers

Everyone has gotten a little emotional on the road, but the answer is never aggressive driving. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety claims that over 50% of fatal car accidents involve at least one aggressive driver. Very quickly, aggressive driving can lead to distracted driving or speeding, making a fatality even more likely. It’s best to remain calm on the road, even if someone rudely cuts you off.

Injured? Call the Law Office of Chris Miller

Any of these very small mistakes could lead to someone being seriously injured. If you or a loved one were recently hurt in a car accident, you could get compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages with help from an experienced car accident attorney. To get started on your claim, call us at the Law Office of Chris Miller.