The 4 Most Common Unsafe Conditions at Work

Workplace safety should always be the top priority of any employer, no matter what industry they’re in. Whether your place of work is a field, a warehouse, a restaurant, or an office, there are rules and regulations that your employer must follow to keep you and your fellow employees safe.

It would be remiss to pretend that every workplace upholds every safety standard and never misses a safety check. Things happen in the workplace, often by complete accident. Still, even a minute safety oversight can cause a serious injury. Considering that over 2.8 million people were injured in their workplace in 2022, making sure these very common safety hazards are not in your work environment could potentially save someone.

Poorly Kept Equipment

Heavy machinery and any other assets in your workspace should be a top priority in safety and maintenance. Over 450,000 people were injured specifically by coming into contact with objects or equipment in the workplace. When it comes to heavy machinery, you should always keep it clean and properly maintained. Anyone who operates the machinery should be properly trained to do so, and inexperienced workers shouldn’t operate something improperly.

Lack of PPE

In many jobs, the best way to minimize the risk of injury is to provide employees with personal protective equipment, or PPE. This can be anything from a high-visibility vest for workers on a construction yard to a mask and gloves for a welder. For many workers, their PPE could be the difference between a minor injury and a life-threatening situation. Everyone at your workplace should have the proper PPE for your environment, no matter what.

Bad Lighting

Lightbulbs might seem like a minor thing at your workplace, but having proper lighting is far from it. Workspaces with low or poor lighting are bound to have more accidents. Aside from the pure lack of visibility causing things like slips and falls, low lighting can cause visual fatigue for employees. All in all, it’s the perfect storm for a workplace accident to occur.

Unclean Workspace

Whether it be that the proper safety signs and guides have fallen by the wayside, hazardous materials left out, or just plain old trash, keeping a clean and orderly workspace is a huge safety concern. Exposure to dangerous substances can very quickly lead to various illnesses. In 2022 alone, over 460,000 people suffered some kind of occupational illness. Making sure you properly store and dispose of any waste in your work environment is a safety priority, no matter where you work.

Regardless of the Situation, Call Chris Miller

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