Stadium Boulevard Crash Results in 2 Fatalities

Busy and well-traveled roads might seem like a safe option when traveling, but car accidents are just as likely to occur there as a poorly lit, two-lane road. If anything, the increase of drivers and the sometimes-unpredictable nature of traffic can make the road feel even more unsafe.

Unfortunately, the roads are never truly safe. On September 26, at 11 p.m. two drivers were traveling opposite directions on Stadium Boulevard, near West Boulevard, in Columbia, Missouri. The driver in the westbound lane began to turn into the eastbound lane, leading to a head-on collision. Both drivers had to be pulled from their cars by emergency services due to their serious injuries. Although both were given medical care, this accident resulted in the wrongful death of one 64-year-old driver that night. The other driver, after being in critical condition for a week, passed away on October 2.

What to Do After a Fatal Car Accident

Car crashes such as this can destroy the lives of not only the those who are seriously injured, but their families and loved ones as well. Especially in the instance of a fatal car crash; the kind of loss a tragedy like this leaves behind can feel impossible to face.

In an instance like this, you may be able to find some reprieve through a wrongful death case. Missouri law states that any negligent actions that result in the death of another person are grounds for a wrongful death claim. It is similar to a more general personal injury claim, but the person’s survivors are the ones to bring the case to court and seeking compensation.

Exactly who is allowed to file a wrongful death claim is very strictly laid out in the law. A deceased person’s spouse, parents, and children are the first to have rights to file a claim. If no family members that fall into that category survive, then siblings, nieces, and nephews have the opportunity to file a case on their loved one’s behalf.

Just like any other kind of personal injury case, a wrongful death claim will require a lengthy investigation to prove that the other party was truly at fault. Whether you’re going against another individual or an institution to receive compensation, such as an insurance company, you’ll have to provide evidence, such as police reports, legal records, and eyewitness statements.

The process of bringing a wrongful death case to court is tricky and convoluted. That’s why it’s necessary to hire someone with knowledge and experience in the realm of personal injury, car accidents, and wrongful death. A personal injury lawyer can help you gather evidence, build your case, and get some closure in the wake of tragedy.

If You’re Injured, Contact The Law Office of Chris Miller

Car accidents, such as the recent crash on Stadium Boulevard in Columbia, Missouri, are only one of many instances just like this. In 2022 alone, the Missouri Department of Transportation reported 1,057 fatalities on the road, an increase from 2021. If you or someone you know has been seriously or fatally injured in a car accident, reach out to the Law Office of Chris Miller for help. Our car accident lawyers have years of experience handling personal injury claims and will fight to have your suffering rightfully compensated. Contact us today and get started building your case!