Special Victim Assaulted by Columbia Man

There are very few instances where hitting another person is acceptable. Most of the time, attacking another person will very quickly land you an assault charge. Due to the violent nature of an assault charge, these kinds of crimes are taken very seriously, and you should not take an assault charge lightly.

One example as to why the law takes assault so seriously happened just a short while ago, on December 15. One 38-year-old man, who was visiting the University Hospital, brutally attacked an on-duty nurse unprovoked. According to a report from KOMU, the man approached the nurse, then slammed her head on the ground repeatedly by grabbing her by her hair. The man had to be pulled off her by other staff. Now, this man is facing an assault charge in the third degree and may be facing even more serious charges in the future.

Special Victims in Columbia Assault Cases

The details of your crime are always brought into account when determining the severity of your charges. For example, you will likely face a first-degree assault charge if you’ve given someone life-threatening injuries. Your intentions in the moment are another factor in the kind of charges you’ll face.

In the case of the Columbia man, however, he can expect a felony for his crime because of his choice in victim. In the state of Missouri, there are special groups of people who are considered particularly vulnerable to assault cases. Committing assault against them is considered an especially cruel crime. Some of these groups include:

  • The elderly
  • The disabled
  • Firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency workers
  • Utility workers
  • Highway workers
  • Law enforcement and probation officers
  • Mass transit employees

A third-degree assault charge is already considered a Class E Felony, and those charges could very easily be escalated because of the victim’s profession. It would be in this man’s best interests to get in contact with an assault lawyer as soon as possible. A criminal defense attorney could help him navigate the situation and reach the best solution possible.

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