Passenger Death in Columbia Shows Necessity of Wrongful Death Lawyers

As we transition to winter months, it’s more important than ever to avoid distractions while driving. In winter months, the sun goes down sooner and sooner with each passing day, just as the days get colder and colder. Now is the time where many families come together and celebrate, whether it be for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just to have fun. Unfortunately, car accidents see an increase around the holiday season. Considering that 49 million Americans will be traveling by car to Thanksgiving this year, it’s easy to see why. Still, the last thing that anyone wants during this time is for someone to get hurt.

According to a report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, another accident occurred very recently, correlating with the spike in accidents at this time. Their report indicates that there were two cars involved in an accident on November 17 in Boone County, specifically at Route CC. One driver, who was only 18, missed a stop sign and drove into the intersection between the road and MO 124. The second car, who was also crossing the intersection, was hit on the right side of the car by the front of the first vehicle.

Although all three people involved in the accident were wearing their seatbelts, the passenger of the first vehicle was pronounced deceased at the scene. The two drivers were treated by emergency medical services, and the injured driver was taken to Boone Hospital to receive treatment. Stories like this are harrowing, and no one should have to go through losing a family member in such a tragic way. In many cases like this, however, the families of the deceased may find some peace in filing a wrongful death claim.

Receive Compensation for Your Grief through a Wrongful Death Claim

The family of the deceased have a long and arduous road ahead of them. On top of the emotional grief they will need to process, they will also be bogged down with the financial responsibility of end-of-life care and funeral preparation. They could, however, receive compensation for all these things through a wrongful death suit. Cases like this work similar to personal injury cases, where the party filing must build a strong argument to show exactly how they were wronged and why they deserve to be compensated. In the case of wrongful death specifically, that party is the loved ones of the deceased.

In instances like this, it’s essential that the family contact a wrongful death lawyer immediately. It is inevitable that the other party will want to fight back, and they will likely hire counsel of their own. The ensuring legal proceedings might even get third parties like insurance companies involved. Having an attorney who specializes in wrongful death at your side is an invaluable resource because of this. They can explain to you the legal jargon of the proceedings, as well as assist you in gathering evidence and building a strong case in your favor. They can even take over difficult communications with the other parties involved.

Chris Miller Can Help You File Your Wrongful Death Case

Missouri has seen an increasingly concerning rise is fatal car accidents ever since 2019, and unfortunately, this is one more death to add to the total. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation as this, give us a call at the Law Office of Chris Miller. We know that you’re going through a hard time, and we can take on your case with the compassion you deserve.