Man Drives Vehicle Into Cole County Home in Possible DWI Case

During this time of year, we typically see car accidents happen due to poor lighting, winter weather conditions, or roads deteriorating due to ice and slush. There is a lot that can go wrong in a car accident, however, and one constant factor regardless of the time of year is the sobriety of the drivers. According to the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, 1.023 Missouri residents were killed by a drunk driver in the past five years.

Thankfully, no one lost their life due to this Cole County car accident. According to a report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a 43-year-old man native to Missouri was driving down Southwood Hills Road. The vehicle suddenly veered right and the driver lost control of the car, causing it to crash straight into the side of another person’s home. The residents of the house weren’t hurt, and the driver only suffered minor injuries. Still, the MSHP suspect that the driver’s inability to control the car was because he was intoxicated. He was arrested at the scene, but taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Even if you didn’t end up in an accident, being charged with a DWI is serious business. Something like that can permanently affect your ability to go to school, get a job, and live your life to the fullest. If you’ve recently received a DWI charge, you should get in contact with a DWI lawyer as soon as possible. It could save your reputation.

What a DWI Lawyer Can Do for You

Many people tend to assume that driving while intoxicated is a ‘folk crime,’ something that good people commit even though it’s against the law. However, driving while under the influence puts you and every other person on or around the road at extreme risk of being injured or killed. To makes matters more serious, DWI’s increase in severity for every time you are charged. Eventually, you could be labelled as a felon. This would leave your life even more restricted, as you would lose your right to own a firearm, as well as be ineligible for public assistance or support.

A criminal defense attorney who specializes is DWI’s can handle your case through every step of the way. They can help you review all the facts and details of your case and come to a satisfactory solution between you and the courts.

Got a DWI? Call Chris Miller

When facing any kind of criminal charge, we are well aware it can be isolating the scary. You need someone to guide you through all the confusing legal jargon and help you set the record straight. If you’re looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney with several years of experience, contact the Law Office of Chris Miller. We’ve helped Columbia residents with all kinds of charges, and we can help you too.