Jefferson City Sheriff’s Deputy Involved in Accident

No one is truly safe on the road, nor are they immune to being involved in a car accident. The fact of the matter is that car crashes happen every day, and many of them are fatal. In Missouri, there has been a concerning rise in car accident fatalities year-over-year, dating as far back as 2019. Normally, law enforcement arrives after the accident has occurred to gather facts and interview those involved.

In the case of this Jefferson City car accident, however, law enforcement was on the scene from the start. On Saturday, December 15, 2023, a Cole County Sheriff Deputy was responding to an emergency. She was driving south on Missouri 179. As she passed through an intersection, a 69-year-old citizen drove through at the same time. She collided with the deputy’s car, and both vehicles skidded away in opposite directions. When Missouri State Highway Patrol arrived with EMS, they found both parties facing injury. Similarly, both the deputy’s car and the other driver’s Honda were towed away from the scene.

The report does not make it clear who had the right of way in that moment, but someone was somewhere they shouldn’t be. Now, there are two people who are seriously injured and will need months to recover. In an instance such as this, both parties in this situation might benefit from speaking with a car accident lawyer soon. It’s possible their medical expenses could be covered through a personal injury claim.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

A major part of any car crash case is the determination of who is at fault. There are many preventable factors that could contribute to an accident. One driver may have been speeding, or not paying attention to the road, or even driving while intoxicated.

Missouri is a state that uses the pure comparative fault system to determine who causes an accident. When a judge or jury reviews the facts of the car accident, they will assign a percentage amount of fault on the drivers involved. Any driver who was not 100% at fault for the accident could file a personal injury case. However, the amount of compensation you can receive is proportional to the amount of fault assigned to the other driver.

This is where having a car crash lawyer on your side could be extremely helpful. You may find, in a car crash, that other parties want to minimize your injury or underrepresent the fault of the other drivers. With an attorney on your side, you could prepare your own case and prove that you deserve to have your pain and suffering compensated.

Been in an Auto Accident? Call Chris Miller

At the end of the day, we may never know who had the green light at that intersection. Regardless of who is to blame, the drivers involved will have a long road to recovery ahead. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you will face the same, but you don’t have to face it alone. Call us at the Law Office of Chris Miller. We can handle your case so you can focus on recovering.