I Reported My Workplace Injury Late: What Do I Do?

Although it is unfortunate, the truth is that a lot of workers’ compensation cases end with the injured person not receiving the benefits they need. This is partially because of the workers’ compensation process. It is, after all, lengthy, confusing, and riddled with a lot of paperwork. Still, this unfortunate fact leaves a lot of injured workers in Missouri stuck with their medical bills. One of the most common reasons why a work comp claim is denied is they reported their injury outside the correct time window.

When Do I Report a Workplace Injury?

The Missouri Department of Labor makes it clear that you only have a time window of 30 days to report your injury to your employer. Typically, once you’ve done that your employer’s work comp insurance company will get involved. Failing to report your injury in the correct timeframe can lead to serious trouble down the line.

What Happens If I Report My Injury Late?

A late report of injury could result in you forfeiting some, or all, of benefits that may have been available to you under Missouri’s workers’ compensation system. However, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help guide you through the complicated system moving forward. Whether you need help filing your initial claim, appealing your denied benefits, or negotiating with your employer’s work comp insurance company, a work comp attorney can help you out no matter what state you’re in. You can let your lawyer handle the complicated language and confusing deadlines while you focus on recovering from your injury.

We Can Help You Reach a Workers’ Comp Settlement at the Law Office of Chris Miller

Often, workplace accidents and injury can be tragic. Sometimes, those are who hurt on the job never fully recover from the accident. The Department of Labor reports that over 83,000 Missouri workers were injured on the job, with more surely to come. Regardless of when or how you were injured, you need a work comp lawyer who has your best interests in mind. At the Law Office of Chris Miller, we can handle your case with both an expert eye and a gentle hand. Contact us today for a free consult!