Family Sues on Behalf of Worker Killed in 2018 Tower Collapse

The family of Steve Lemay, a 56-year-old tower repairman from Blaine, Washington, is suing Missouri State University for wrongful death. Lemay was killed on April 19, 2018 when a 2,000-foot tall TV tower collapsed while under repair. According to KOMU, Missouri State University-owned the tower and used it for the university’s Ozarks Public Television station. The collapse occurred just off Highway 60 near Highway FF. A crew of seven were working on the tower when it fell. In addition to Lemay’s death, three other workers suffered minor injuries.

According to an OSHA report examined by the Associated Press and KYTV, the removal of key bolts during a bracing procedure caused the TV tower to collapse. Lemay and the three injured workers were about 100 feet off the ground when the tower collapsed.

The lawsuit accuses the university of maintaining a “dangerous condition” on its property that led to Lemay’s death. Lemay’s family is seeking an unspecified amount in damages that include Lemay’s pain and suffering as well as medical, funeral, and burial expenses. Property owners may face liability for dangerous conditions that lead to injury or death on their property.

How an Attorney Might Help You

A workplace injury or death can be a tragic, life-altering event. From the incident to recovery, you will want a team of competent individuals—doctors, lawyers, and caretakers—working to ensure you can fully recover. The doctors will focus on the physical side of recovery, but what about the rest? Expenses, like medical bills, lost wages, or even funeral costs, can pile up quickly, and you will want an attorney there to help. Do not hesitate to call an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for your workplace injury. Additionally, if a family member or loved one has been killed in a workplace incident—or due to someone else’s negligent or criminal behavior—contact a compassionate personal injury attorney who could help you file a wrongful death claim.

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