Boat Accident Leaves Three People Injured at Lake of the Ozarks

Boating at the Lake of the Ozarks is nothing short of a Missouri pastime. We spend our hot summer days down at the Lake, beer in-hand (not the driver, of course), kids in-tow behind the boat on a tube. While most of us enjoy these lake days safely and unscathed, every so often, something goes awry. Boating while intoxicated is one of the leading causes of death at the Lake of the Ozarks. Boats sometimes collide with other boats, objects, or people in the water—adding alcohol to the equation makes things all the worse.

According to KOMU, three people were rushed to the hospital after a boat fire at the Lake of the Ozarks over the weekend. A boat leaving a gas pump attempted to start its second engine which triggered an explosion. The explosion ejected the 55-year-old driver into the water. A 52-year-old woman passenger was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. A 20-year-old gas pump employee was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. The 55-year-old driver of the boat was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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