3 Ways You Could Get Injured on Your Jobsite

While it is true that you can get injured on the job regardless of your industry or position, there are certain groups of people who are particularly at-risk to getting hurt in the workplace. Perhaps one of the most obvious is the construction industry. A lot of dangerous elements can be found on the average construction yard, from complicated construction equipment to heavy materials like steel and iron, there is danger packed in practically every corner of the workplace.

Most of the time, the safety measures put in place are enough to prevent someone from getting hurt or worse. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In their most recent data, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 976 construction workers died due to a workplace injury or illness. The most common reasons why people get injured on the job are often the most preventable.

Slip and Falls

Heights tend to come with the territory of construction. Whether you’re adding siding to a newly built home or doing maintenance on a sky scraper, constructions workers often do their work on scaffolding on atop machinery like boom lifts. This, naturally, puts them at risk from falling and seriously injuring themselves. As a matter of fact, nearly 12% of all falls that resulted in a death happened to construction workers. If you’ve recently suffered a fall at work, it’s imperative that you get in contact with a workers’ compensation lawyer right away.


From lighting up the jobsite or needed energy for smaller power tools, you can typically find electrical elements in every construction yard. The conditions and treatment of these electrical system can very quickly lead to disaster. OSHA has identified electricity as the fourth most common reason why construction workers die on the job. Making sure you’re always wearing your PPE and operating machinery correct can often be a matter of literal life and death.

Falling Objects

It doesn’t matter whether the object in question is a dropped impact driver or a reinforced steel beam, falling objects can often be deadly. Head trauma is always terrible, but even if it ends up crushing a different part of your body, you would have a long road to recovery and lucky to have your limbs. By talking to a falling object injury lawyer, you could have your medical expenses covered by your employer.

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