3 Teens Injured in Possible DWI Car Accident

Although driving in a vehicle feels like a part of everyday life in Columbia, there is so much that can go wrong in such a short amount of time. The fact of the matter is that car accidents are preventable if we all follow the rules of the road. Regardless of what causes an accident, the consequences are serious and often deadly.

Around 1:30 a.m. on November 12, 2023, one driver could’ve used that lesson. On that early morning, the driver was traveling down Highway J with two passengers. As the vehicle was traveling north, it ran off the side of the road. The Missouri State Highway Patrol claims that the vehicle was going too fast, considering the conditions of the road that night. As the car ran into the roadside, it began to flip, and ended up colliding with a tree. One passenger, a 19-year-old male, was ejected from his side of the car and landed in the field surrounding the accident.

When law enforcement arrived, they found both the driver, the ejected passenger, and the passenger still in the vehicle and in serious condition. The car, similarly, suffered heavy damage due to the accident. While at the scene, law enforcement realized that this accident could possibly be caused by driving under the influence. While the driver has received charges for this, all three were taken by emergency medical services to receive medical treatment.

Call a Car Crash Lawyer If You’re Injured

The driver and passengers are lucky that there was no fatality. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety found that nearly 65% of car crash fatalities in Missouri happen to an unbuckled person. Still, the injuries suffered by all parties involved were serious enough to require immediate medical attention. The two passengers now face a difficult path. Between physically healing and financially recovering, it will a long journey and they may never be able to go back to the way things were. Luckily, there is legal ground to help injured people in this exact scenario, and the passengers would benefit from calling a car crash lawyer.

When the negligent or careless actions of a person result in the injury of another, the injured party could file a personal injury claim. From there, they would need to prove in the court of law that their suffering was directly caused by the offending party, and that they should receive compensation to help them physically and mentally recover. It’s likely that the other party will want to fight back in this case. Other parties might become involved as well, such as an insurance provider.

A personal injury lawyer who specializes in car crashes can help you with the legal proceedings. Their knowledge and expertise make them an excellent guide in knowing what to do and when. They can help you understand your situation, gather evidence, present your case, and communicate with third parties on your behalf.

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