19 Missourians Indicted in $1.2 Million Insurance Fraud Conspiracy 

In the United States, insurance is used as a safety mechanism for unforeseen, and often expensive, circumstances such as car wrecks, medical conditions, and damages to other assets. People purchase insurance policies on their homes, cars, boats, and even their lives. If all goes as planned, insurance can be a real lifesaver. But what happens when people abuse their insurance policies? Well, 19 people in Missouri tried and were subsequently indicted in a $1.2 million insurance fraud conspiracy.

Understanding the Case

According to KOMU, 19 Missourians, 11 from Columbia and 8 from Kansas City, were indicted in a $1.2 million insurance fraud conspiracy after allegedly submitting false claims that they suffered bodily injuries and would be personally responsible for any medical bills related to insurance claims. The indictment alleges that the defendants reviewed insurance policies prior to reporting the incidents, concocted a script of what to say to insurance adjusters, and even assumed the identity of parties that would be in communication with insurance companies.

The federal indictment includes 69 counts of criminal charges against the 19 defendants. The charges the 19 defendants face include money laundering, wire fraud, attempted wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and mail fraud. Some of the defendants allegedly received insurance payments of more than $50,000 twice. Other defendants allegedly received payments in the amount of $1,500 and $17,350. KOMU reports that in total, six insurance companies were allegedly defrauded of a total of $1,234,581.

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Truth be told, making false claims to insurance companies is a terrible idea. Not only is making false claims to insurance companies illegal, but insurance companies also have the wherewithal to discover and address fraudulent claims. Insurance companies have teams of attorneys and investigators who investigate suspicious and potentially fraudulent claims.

If you or someone you know is facing charges related to a conspiracy involving insurance fraud, contact us immediately. Money laundering, wire fraud, and identity theft are serious charges that you do not want to face alone—get an experienced defense attorney on your side today.