Third-Party Liability Workplace Injury in Columbia

Workplace injuries are something that is simultaneously extremely common and deeply debilitating. In 2023 alone, Missouri reported over 90,000 injuries in the workplace. Whether it’s just a scratch or a lost limb, medically recovering from a workplace injury requires both time and finances.

In instances like this, the workers’ compensation claim process is meant to give you the benefits you need to make your recovery. The financial aid you receive is meant to go towards your medical expenses and lost wages due to your injury. Still, you might find during your treatment that your benefits aren’t enough. In some instances, injured parties have been able to file third-party liability workplace injury claims with the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer to help recover some of their losses.

Who Can File a Third-Party Liability Claim?

Your workers’ comp and your claim for a third-party liability workplace injury in Columbia are completely separate matters. Your work comp claim is filed against your employer, and they give you benefits because you were injured while working for them. You very specifically cannot file a third-party liability claim against your employer.

Who Is Considered a Third Party?

The “third party” in question must be someone, be it a person or organization, who is responsible for your injury in some way. In cases like this, it is typically because this third party was negligent or careless in their behavior. Who is considered a viable third party greatly depends on the situation, but there are some common instances where a third party could be held responsible.

One common example is another person who acted negligently while driving. If you’re driving a company car for work and you get into a car accident with someone who was texting and driving, you could likely file a third-party liability case against them. Manufacturers and producers who make defective products are also often involved in third-party liability cases. If you’re injured at work because of were using a malfunctioning or defective product, you may have the grounds for a third-party liability claim.

You’ll Need a Third-Party Liability Lawyer on Your Side

If you’re unsure about whether you could file for a third-party liability claim in tandem with your workers’ compensation, you should speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Handling your work comp claim is one thing, but third-party liability workplace injury claims in Columbia play out much like a personal injury claim. You’ll need to collect evidence that proves the third party’s negligence, as well as the extent of your injuries. All of this helps determine if you deserve compensation and how much it will be.

With an experienced work comp attorney on your side, you can make sure that everything is done correctly. Your lawyer can help you prepare your case for negotiation or trial and handle all the difficult communication that you’re nervous about. A lawyer is an asset you’ll want for your case, whether you decide to pursue a third-party liability claim or just workers’ comp.

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