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The entry of an ex parte or full order of protection or a violation of an order of protection can have severe legal consequences.  If you are facing the entry of an order or accused of violating an order of protection, contact the Law Office of Chris Miller immediately. A Columbia ex parte lawyer stands ready to help you.


Under the Adult Abuse Act, Chapter 455, RSMo, a subject of abuse may seek an order of protection from a present or former family or household member.  Additionally, victims of stalking or sexual assault may seek protection from their alleged perpetrators.

The proceedings to get an order of protection can be quick and confusing.  Almost immediately following the filing of a petition, a temporary ex parte order of protection can be entered.  That order could:

  • require the person protection is sought against to stop abusing, threatening to abuse, molest, stalk, or disturb the peace of the petitioner;
  • require the person protection is sought against to stop entering the dwelling of the petitioner; and/or
  • order custody of minor children to the petitioner

A hearing must later be held where the court could enter a full order of protection restraining your liberties, prevent you from seeing your minor children, potentially impact your employment, or limit your ability to possess a firearm.  A hearing to grant an order of protection could be done within 15 days if you do not request a continuance.  Talk with a lawyer experienced in handling these cases as soon as you possibly can to preserve your rights.


Violating an order of protection is a criminal act and, if convicted, your could be facing jail time and/or fines.  If you have violated an order of protection, contact a Columbia ex parte lawyer who can help.

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