Firm Update 10/20/17

A lot of family and friends often ask me how the firm is going so we thought we would provide periodic updates on what we’re up to.  Right now we’re looking to be a little more aggressive in building out our website content to provide better and more valuable information to our clients.  Lately, it has been hard to get that done with court and other things that have to be accomplished in order to provide the quality representation we strive to achieve for our clients.

This week was a fun and successful week with a lot of court appearances and a mediation.  Earlier this week we successfully defended a case which prevented our client from receiving a black mark on their record.  Additionally, we successfully mediated a tough case and received a favorable outcome for the client.  As always, past results afford no guarantee of future results because every case is different and must be judged on its own merit.  That said, we were really happy to provide good results to these clients who came to us during a tough time in their life.