Bicyclist Rushed to the Hospital after Hit and Run

Two University of Missouri students were involved in a traffic incident in which a vehicle struck a bicyclist. The 19-year-old driver of the vehicle that struck the bicyclist ran from the scene, according to KOMU and MUPD spokesperson, Sara Diedrich. The driver was later arrested by MUPD for leaving the scene of an accident that caused physical injury and operating a motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner. The bicyclist is expected to survive his injuries, but beyond that, his condition is unknown to the public.

Missouri Roadways and Bicyclists

Bicyclists in Missouri are expected to observe and obey the same traffic laws motorists are required to follow. Traffic lanes, stop signs, stoplights, and other traffic laws apply to bicyclists, too. Just like seatbelts, many municipalities and counties require bicyclists to wear helmets. Believe it or not, just like a car, it is illegal to operate a bicycle while intoxicated. Compared to a car, a bicycle offers far less protection in the event of a collision. Therefore, motorists should approach bicyclists with a “Share the Road” philosophy—that is, motorists should be cognizant of bicyclists and take extra precautions while sharing the road. As a motorist, you should be aware of bike lanes and when it is safe to pass a bicyclist. Bicyclists should be hyper-aware of stop signs and traffic lights. It is very easy to blow through a stop sign or stoplight on a bike, but that could spell disaster for the bicyclist. If motorists and bicyclists obey traffic laws, the roadways are safer for everyone.

What If I am Hit by a Motorist While Riding My Bike?

Anytime a vehicle is in a collision, that vehicle has a duty to stop. Failure to stop is considered leaving the scene of an accident—a criminal charge that carries serious consequences. Motorists should swap insurance information. If you are on a bike that was hit by a motorist, get to an area of safety before approaching the driver of the vehicle. Contact emergency services—they will assess damages and render necessary emergency aid. Let law enforcement officers decide if criminal charges are warranted. After the incident, contact a personal injury lawyer to get started on your case as soon as possible. The medical bills after an incident like this can pile up quickly, and an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.